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You know it is unbelievable how hard it was for me to find any worthy medical sites! Apparently the net is full of meaningless and confusing  sites about important medical issues. So I decided to put together a list of resources with the sites that I found useful, and here it is:

Cataract Surgery Recovery

A normal eye lens typically carries the same function as that of a camera lens, and that is to focus light as it passes to the back of the human eye. Before a person reaches 45 years old, the lens takes on different shapes allowing it to focus on objects and people in varying distances. As a person ages, the proteins that make up the lens start to break down and the lens eventually becomes cloudy. The eyes which normally… Find out more…

Neuroblastoma In Children

Our children are the most important and precious gifts ever given to us and it would definitely bring parents pain to see them sick. As fragile and as vulnerable as they are, we want to protect them from anything that could possibly harm them. However, as parents, one of the best things that you can do to keep your child healthy and safe is to educate yourselves of the symptoms of some of the most common childhood diseases. One among… More on

Varicose Veins Causes

Veins are blood vessels which functions as blood reservoir carrying deoxygenated back to the heart. It is said that approximately 60% of blood in the human circulatory system can be found in the veins. Venous return in the legs takes place in the deep veins. The said blood vessel is equipped with venous valves inside which serve to function as “guards”, arranged in a manner to make certain that blood flow is moving in an antegrade manner, a singular direction… Visit for more..

Leukemia is a serious condition that can be fatal to our children when it is being left untreated. This condition is one among many other types of cancers and this specifically targets the white blood cells particularly the child’s leukocytes. The bone marrow of a child with leukemia is automated to produce tremendous numbers of white blood cells that take on an abnormal function. The usual function of your body’s WBCs is to ward off infection and to fight against… More on this page..

Gender Prediction Test

There is nothing more thrilling than knowing what the gender of your soon-to-be baby will be. The excitement in every pregnancy isn’t just about the fact that there will be another cute little addition to the family but whether this adorable little angel would be the one to join mom in the mall for shopping or to be with dad playing football or baseball games. Luckily, the world has created for us a very assuring and comforting place with the… Click here to continue..

Conception Date

Ovulation is natural course of action of a normal human fairer sex menstruation cycle by which a completely developed preantral follicle, which is the primary component of the fairer sex procreative composition, breaks out releasing the female egg cells otherwise known as “ovum”, “oocyte”, “fairer gender gamete” or simply “egg cells”, as for the male counterpart part it is commonly known as sperm cell, therefore, the term egg cell automatically connotes the female reproductive cell.What follows after ovulation is the… Find out more…

Breast Cancer Pictures

The fleshy part located in front of the normal adult human fairer sex is a fully developed “breast or mammary gland”. Male genders have mammary glands as well but normally remain underdeveloped throughout life in contrast to female mammary glands which shows physical changes during puberty for maturation process of female reproductive growth. Lymph from the mammary gland largely goes to the lymphoid nodules on one side of the axilla region literally the armpit area and to a lesser amount… Read more..

Menstrual Cycle Calendar

Menstruation is a monthly period of dropping off of the wall lining of a human female uterus in the form of blood depleting externally out from the vaginal orifice in the pubertal phase up until full growth maturity of the reproductive organs. Normally, it takes 3-5 days in duration. As menstruation is a monthly period, therefore it only goes to show that such period is a cycle. Literally, menstruation occurs every month. However, some females have irregular menstrual cycle calendar…. Read more..

Deaf Culture

Being deaf can be hard, not hearing all the things that you want. One cause of deafness is that it is hereditary. A deaf person may have the chance that his or her child could also be deaf. The tendency of this is that deaf people will join deaf communities and learn about deaf culture.There are many deaf communities around that follow a deaf culture all around the globe. Deaf Culture is the belief or thinking that being unable to… To read more click here…

Spine anatomy is composed of flexible ligaments and tendons, strong bones, highly sensitive nerves and large muscles. The structure of this anatomy is efficient in terms of strength that protects the highly sensitive roots of nerves. However, it maintains flexibility essential for the mobility of the human being on various planes. All of us should never take for granted this vital part of our body. Therefore, we must be able to maintain at all times its strength, flexibility and structure…. Click here to read more..

Leg cramps are basically excruciating feeling of tension and tightness in the legs’ muscles. This condition is also referred to as “charley horse”. The forceful and sudden contraction of leg muscles leads to a person’s suffering from this muscle pain in the legs. The occurrence of these camps affects the most three main areas including the hamstring (crossing hip and knee), calf (crossing knee and ankle) and quadriceps (crossing hip and knee). The pain typically subsides in less than one… More on this page..

Lyme Disease Pictures

What is Lyme disease? It is basically an infection transmitted through a tick’s bite. A thick that is infected with a bacterium named “Borrelia burgdorferi”. This bacterium is transmitted to a tick from an infected animal that the latter has bitten such as mice and deer. Most people who are bitten by ticks never get the disease. It should be kept in mind that not all ticks have infections. Remember that the longer a tick stays on the body of… Find out more…

Throat Cancer Pictures

Throat cancer is basically cancerous tumors that grow or develop in a person’s throat (pharynx), tonsils or voice box (larynx). This type of cancer can affect the epiglottis which serves as your windpipe lid. Nowadays, more than 75% of sore throat cases are primarily caused by smoking, abusive alcohol consumption and using of tobacco products. All these factors increase the risk of throat cancer. With the onset of the cancer, the first to be adversely affected is the saliva glands… Read more..

Have you heard of the symptom checker? You might disregard this tool as something that’s irrelevant and unnecessary to you but what the general public failed to know is that this tool can be of great help to thousands and even millions of people around the world. However, one must be aware that this tool should not be used to replace the opinions and advice of real doctors and this should not be used as an excuse to skip medical… Click here to read more..

Walk In Clinic

Health Care Clinic Health refers to the generalized wellness status of a particular individual such as mental and spiritual health and as well as the entirety of the physical well-being. Maintaining the general human health can be accomplished and promoted via a thorough examination and assessment of various health aspects such aspects of physique, mentation and social wellness collectively known as “triad of health”. Systematized and scientifically certified treatment and management approaches for the purpose of preventing or curing all… More on

Sleep deprivation is basically a condition wherein you do not get enough sleep and it is similar in nature to insomnia. This condition is caused by a number of different factors such as physical torture and illness, and psychiatric imbalance. Keeping yourself in this condition can result in many different effects which can be threatening to your health and even life. The sad thing about this disorder is that it is not taken seriously by many people because they think… Continue reading..